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Show Results May 3, 2003
Congratulations to all the winners!

Class A -
Aircooled Beetle stock to 1967
Class I - Kits, Special Interest
Class P - Watercooled stock to 1984
Class W - New Beetle 1998 to 2003
Second Place Brad Rasso
1964 Beetle
Third Place Pip Sarser
1965 BMW/VW Convrsion
Third Place David Lopez
1984 GTI Rabbit
Third Place Jeff Hurapan
1998 New Beetle
First Place Lee Kraus
1958 Beetle
Second Place Paul Greco
1974 Super Beetle
Second Place David Caraher
1981 Rabbit
Second Place Tom Perrone Jr.
2001 New Beetle GLX
First Place Paul Greco
1974 Super Beetle
First Place Leo Cardoso
1984 Rabbit Convertible Wolfsburg
First Place Geno Carrion
2000 New Beetle
Class B -
Aircooled Beetle stock 1968 and up
Class J - Dune Buggies, Sand Rails
Class Q -
Watercooled stock 1985 to 1993
Class X - Best engine
Third Place Karen Notaro
1968 Beetle
Third Place Raphael Rivera
1973 Buggy
Third Place Jim Moescher
1993 Passat
Arite Boboris 1990 Corrado
Second Place Jim Lynch
1974 Beetle
Second Place Les Grefe
1964 Dune Buggy
Second Place Gene Geriwald
1986 Golf
First Place Erica Lisle
1973 Super Beetle
First Place Jerry Daly
1969 Dune Buggy
First Place Dierdre Pugliese
1987 VW GTI 16 valve
Class C -
Aircooled Beetle modified to 1967
Class K - Thing
Class R -
Watercooled stock 1994 to 1999 (early production)
Class Y - Best paint
First Place Chris Chiaffitelli
1963 Bug
First Place Lou Kammer
1973 Thing
Third Place Chris Tavalare
1997 Jetta
Bill Brower 1968 Beetle
Second Place Shirley Tyner
1998 Passat
First Place Christina Nunes
1998 GTI
Class D -
Aircooled Beetle modified 1968 and up
Class L - Split-window Buses
Class S - Watercooled stock 1999 (late production) to 2003
Class Z - Best of show, Aircooled
Third Place Al Marr
1974 Super Beetle
Third Place Tim Hatden
1966 “Toy-bus”
Third Place Mark Ivanko
2001 GTI
Tim Stark
1966 EZ Camper
Second Place Bill Staab
1969 Beetle
Second Place Gene Lucci
1966 Van
Second Place Roscoe Schafer
2002 GTI 1.8T
First Place Bill Brower
1968 Beetle
First Place Tim Stark
1966 EZ Camper
First Place David C. Lopez
2002 GTI 337
Class F -
Karman Ghia stock and modified
Class M - Vanagons
Class T -
Watercooled modified to 1984
Class AA -
Best of show, Watercooled
Second Place Joel Simon
1971 Karmann Ghia
Third Place Dennis Haynes
1987 Synchro Westfalia
First Place Tony Gruppuso
1984 Jetta
Geno Carrion
2000 New Beetle
First Place John Karaban
1974 Karmann Ghia
Second Place Brady Horrace
1987 Vanagon Synchro
First Place Andrea Rasso
1991 Vanagon
Class G - Aircooled Beetle convertible
Class N - Bay-window Buses
Class U -
Watercooled modified 1985 to 1995
Third Place Vernon Dorto
1979 Super Beetle Convertible
Third Place Lee Sendlewski
1968 Pick-up
Third Place Eric Ramirez
1985 GTI
Second Place Lynn & Michael Genovese
1975 Super Beetle Convertible
Second Place Gail Shelly
1974 Westy
Second Place James Pasada
First Place Maria Mucaria Stankowski
1976 Super Beetle Convertible
First Place Rob Williams
1977 Westy
First Place Arite Boboris
1990 Corrado
Class H - Type 3 and Type 4
Class O - Eurovans
Class V -
Watercooled modified 1996 to 2003
Third Place Matt Mastrorocco
1968 Squareback
Second Place Steve Stankowski
1997 Eurovan Camper
Third Place Victor Vasquez
2002 GTI
Second Place Sue Carman
1973 Squareback
First Place Chris Lindenberg
2001 Eurovan
Second Place Joe Muti
2000 Jetta
First Place Stefan Koehler
1972 Fastback
First Place Will Gock
1999 GTI

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